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“We first met Cheryl Waybright when I visited the model home center in The Reserve at Lake Mary. My husband and I were looking to possibly purchase a new home and Cheryl took the time to show us all the homes Engle Homes offered. She gave us all the details of the homes offered and explained what set Engle Homes apart from another builder we were considering. Cheryl was so informative, knowledgeable, friendly, gave detailed information, was there for us during the entire 8 months or so the home was being built and never made us feel like we were a bother. We enjoyed living in our home for over a decade and when we decided to move, we knew we had to contact Cheryl Waybright to help us sell it. We also asked her to help us find our next home. She was remarkable in getting our house sold and she helped us get an amazing deal on our new home. At one point we were driving around and decided to visit her at her model home center in Sorrento Springs in Lake County. We were just seeing how she was doing and what the area was like and before we left, we had purchased a beautiful townhome as our first investment property. Again she took care of us like she always has. When we got ready to sell that property Cheryl helped us sell it because there was no one who knew Sorrento Springs better than she did. She knows all the floorplans and how the homes were built, giving her more knowledge than any other realtor would have. We are now working with her again to find a new home and have her sell our current home. Cheryl has been selling in Central Florida for a long time, so she is the person we go to with questions about areas from Polk to Brevard and Flagler to Osceola. As has happened with so many other people Cheryl is now a family friend as well as our real estate agent. We know she will take care of you just like she takes care of us so give her a call!

Cheryl Waybright had helped many of my friends purchase their homes in The Reserve at Lake Mary so when my family decided to relocate, they all strongly recommended that I contacted her to help us purchase a home in The Reserve at Lake Mary in 2014. She was very professional, knowledgeable especially of this community since she had originally sold all 148 homes, she answered every question we had and since she had been selling in Lake Mary/Sanford since 1997 she knew everything about the area, and she lived in the neighborhood. What was also fantastic was she not only knew about the house from the start of construction to completion, but she was able to provide details and floor plans other real estate agents could not. What more could we ask for or need. It was truly a unique experience. In 2015 Cheryl listed a larger home in the community so our family decided we would like to have more space and a pool. So I contacted her, we wrote an offer which was accepted, Cheryl listed our current home, we accepted an offer, closed on both homes and we are loving the extra space and pool. Cheryl did so much for us and as well as a family friend she is also our go to real estate agent. If you need a real estate agent, she is the one to call!

After looking at so many new home builders when we visited The Reserve at Lake Mary in 2002 and met Cheryl Waybright with Engle Homes, we knew we had found where we wanted to live. Cheryl showed us the homes Engle offered, explained the way they were built better than others and what a great value they were. We also knew it would be a great community since Cheryl would be our neighbor. We found the floor plan we wanted and signed a contract. Cheryl was always helpful, ready to answer any questions and put us at ease if we had any concerns. She was there for us during the entire process and made it a great experience. Then in 2021 after becoming an empty nester it was time to sell so I called Cheryl, she helped me with things that needed to be done before listing it and did a detailed and informative description of the home on MLS. Not only did she sell it, but she also represented the buyer and truly did a wonderful job for both parties. It was super easy and was, once again, a wonderful experience. Cheryl loves her job, is very dedicated to her clients and is one real estate agent I would recommend to everyone!

We met Cheryl Waybright through our grandmother who was the Head of Operations for the real estate office Cheryl co-owned. When we decided to purchase our first home, a new home, in Mt. Dora, FL we immediately called Cheryl to represent us since she had 20+ years in new home construction. We wanted the expertise of someone with the knowledge to spot concerns during construction and she was the perfect choice. After a few years we wanted more land and decided to purchase a new home in Sorrento, FL so again we called Cheryl to list our home and represent us in the new home purchase. After doing items Cheryl suggested we listed and sold our current home for a great price and closed on our new home. A few years later we wanted even more land so again we called Cheryl to help us. She listed the home, and we started searching for a home on acreage. Unfortunately this was during the height of the market so every home we loved and contracted on we lost even offering above asking. Cheryl, as always, made us feel a little better by telling us it wasn’t meant to be, and the right house would come along. We kept looking and found a home what we knew would be our home. We put in an offer, but the seller accepted another, which was very disappointing, but we kept looking. A week or so later the listing agent contacted Cheryl to say the deal fell through. Cheryl had strongly stressed to the agent how much we really wanted the house; she had us include a letter to the sellers explaining how we knew this house was meant to be our family’s home, so the listing agent gave us the first opportunity to have our offer presented and the sellers accepted it. We were ecstatic! Cheryl Waybright again helped us throughout the process from inspections, to getting the sellers to do repairs to the closing of our new home. Our family is thoroughly enjoying our new home, riding the ATVs, raising chickens and the wide-open space! When we are ready for even more land, we will definitely be calling Cheryl to help us make that happen! We are happy to personally give our recommendation to anyone looking for a top real estate agent.

My wife and I had a home in Victoria Park in Deland, FL we wanted to sell, and Cheryl Waybright was a family friend, so we contacted her. She listed and sold our home for exactly what we were hoping to get and a closing at the perfect time for our move to Virginia. Then my mother who lived in Deltona, FL passed away, so we called Cheryl to list her home. Of course my mother being elderly, her home needed some updating which our family couldn’t do because none of us lived in Florida any longer. So Cheryl made all the necessary appointments to get the inside painted, cleaned and carpets cleaned. Cheryl also advised us that we needed to put a new roof on since the current one would never pass inspection or FHA, VA appraisal. She also told us we would get a better price with a new roof. So we agreed and she found a roofing contractor who gave us a great price and got the roof done in record time. Cheryl then listed it at a higher price than we originally discussed due to the new roof and found a great buyer who was very qualified and paid us the asking price. Having to deal with the death of our mother especially being so far away and then with the sale of her home was very emotional, draining, and stressful to us. Cheryl Waybright stepped in and made the entire process so much easier, and we truly could not thank her more for everything she did for us!” There isn’t another real estate agent like Cheryl!

I live in Miami and own a lot of rental properties in Miami and Daytona. When my sister called me about a townhome in Sanford, she recommended having Cheryl Waybright represent me. My sister has known and worked with Cheryl for many years, so I asked Cheryl to show my sister the home and to FaceTime me. With her help, experience, and excellent negotiating skills I purchased the home at a great price. Since I was in Miami, I depended on Cheryl to take care of all the inspections, repairs, final walk through and making sure the closing was completed. The process from start to finish was fantastic and I owe that to Cheryl Waybright. I still ask Cheryl to help me with tenant issues from time to time and she is always gracious enough to help. I will be using Cheryl again when I am ready to buy or sell in Central Florida. Thank you, Cheryl!

Cheryl Waybright helped us purchase a new rental home in Sorrento Springs in Lake County in 2005 and secured great tenants. She has also helped other family members purchase their homes and has become a dear family friend as well as our real estate agent. From 2005 to current she helps us secure tenants for other investment properties we own and always does a very deep screening of the potential tenants to protect our investments. She also has a vast group of contractors so anytime we need a repair I always call her for a company whether it is a handyman or a roofing contractor. In 2021 we decided to sell the rental homes in Sorrento Springs and Rock Springs Ridge as well as townhomes in Greystone and Regency Oaks, so we contacted Cheryl. She took care of everything that needed to be done to the homes prior to listing so we could get the most money and she succeeded in doing just that! We got so much more than we expected! Cheryl Waybright still helps me with 1 investment property we have, and she will always be our family’s go to for all of our real estate needs!

Since the purchase of our very first home in College Park, FL to the sale of our historic home in Lakeland, FL, to helping manage our rental property, Cheryl Waybright has helped us seamlessly with every transaction in between. During some of the most stressful times of our lives, we have always been able to count on Cheryl for her professionalism, support, and superior knowledge in the industry. We know with every transaction Cheryl has helped us considerably in securing the best deal possible, and we could never imagine using anyone else to help us with our real estate needs.

Cheryl Waybright exceeded my expectations throughout the entire buying process and was incredible through every stage of buying my home. She was an ally, friend, and advisor and helped me navigate a difficult time in buying my new home! I felt like I was constantly “ahead of the curve” in every step of the process, which was entirely due to Cheryl’s thoroughness, expertise, and dedication. I always knew Cheryl had me covered. I cannot imagine a better experience and cannot wait to refer her to other people.

I first met Cheryl Waybright through her mother who is a real estate broker and a dear friend. I wanted to purchase a home on 5 acres in Volusia County but there were a lot of issues with the land of wetlands. If not for Cheryl’s due diligence working with the lender and the appraiser to overcome issues with the wetlands, I would not currently be enjoying my home and land with my golden retrievers. I tell everybody how I can never express what Cheryl truly did for me. I could not have found a more expert, competent, and professional real estate agent who would go so totally beyond what I expected. Because of her excellent skills from negotiating a wonderful deal, to resolving every issue that came up to helping finalize my purchase I listed 6 investment properties with her in Holly Hill and Daytona. She visited the homes, made recommendations of things to do to raise the value and sold them for a lot more than I expected; it was a great surprise. I would highly recommend Cheryl Waybright because I really couldn’t have asked for a more honest and trustworthy person. Everything that you need, everything that you imagine and everything you don’t think about is provided in a timely and professional manner. Meeting Cheryl was meant to be!

Our experience with real estate agents in the past had been unpleasant and we found ourselves worried when we decided to sell our home. Until we landed an absolute gem when a friend recommended Cheryl Waybright. We were so impressed we chose Cheryl to help both with the sale of our home and the purchase of a new home. Cheryl is an honest person and agent, which is rare these days and only our best interest at heart. She ultimately succeeded in obtaining contracts which far exceeded our expectations on both the buyer’s and seller’s side. She helped us prepare our home for the sale and was by our side each step of the inspection, the walk through and the closing. Cheryl made our dream of owning the home we thought out of reach by negotiating a wonderful price, assuring all the inspections were done, the repairs were completed correctly, and the closing was a smooth process. She went above and beyond to obtain answers to our questions and reassured and calmed any fears that arose. If you are looking for a real estate agent, we can recommend Cheryl Waybright without hesitation. She will keep you in the driver’s seat, just as she did us. She will not let anyone take advantage of you, and she will procure the best deal for you whether you are buying or selling. If you value honesty and want someone who represents you and protects your best interest, Cheryl Waybright is who you want to choose. She is nothing less than amazing!

Cheryl helped me buy my first home, and she made the entire process stress-free on my part. She has a great knowledge of the market, and she understood exactly what I was looking for. I had a contract and closed within 30 days without a hitch. I have since sold my home through Cheryl, and I am currently looking to purchase another home with her assistance. She is very attentive to my questions and needs. Cheryl is passionate about what she does, and it shows. Cheryl’s experience and professionalism is unmatched in my opinion, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Cheryl Waybright helped us buy our new home in Sorrento Springs and the experience was wonderful. She was incredibly responsive, always there when we had a question or needed her help, very detail orientated, to a level I have never seen in others in real estate, and extremely knowledgeable of new home construction. When we were ready to sell our home the only person, we thought of calling was Cheryl who was once again the perfect real estate agent. After we sold our Lake County home Cheryl helped us buy our home in Oviedo which our family is so happy in. We are always pleased to recommend her to friends, family, and others.

Cheryl made my husband and I feel like she was our friend and there for our interests from the moment we met. Not only did Cheryl help us with the purchase of our new home, and she is now a dear family friend. When we were ready to sell our home, it was during the housing recession, and we had to do a short sale, so we called Cheryl to help us. We were able to sell our home and walk away without owing anything, which was such a relief. Without Cheryl we are not sure what would have happened. We then moved to Tennessee and when we decided to sell our home and move back to Florida, she found a real estate agent for us and asked the agent to use her referral fee as a discount on the commission he charged. These are the reasons she is our top and only real estate agent.

When we started working with Cheryl, we only wanted to be in the Oviedo area even though I work in Sanford. But with all her vast experience and knowledge of the areas Cheryl asked us to let her show us homes in the Lake Mary/Sanford area. After seeing what we could get for what we could afford and finding out what great schools the area offered we found our dream home and couldn’t be happier. Cheryl keeps her finger on the pulse of the market and her head in the game, so she is ready to move quickly to do the right thing for her clients at the right time.

In 2000 my husband and I were relocating from New York, so we came to Orlando to find a home. We only had a week to sign a contract on one. We visited 5 builders before meeting Cheryl Waybright in 2000 in Woodbridge Lakes at the Engle Homes community in Woodbridge Lakes. After she provided us with all the information, realized the dilemma we were in regarding our time frame, and assured us we would be able to accomplish everything we needed to in that week. She was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and proud of what she was doing. You could tell she loved her job! What was different from other sales associates was she was not pushy. She was there to provide information and answer questions, but she let us view the homes at our own pace, which we appreciated. It was not our first home, so we did not need nor want someone on our heels since it is very annoying and distracting. Cheryl gave us the space we needed to decide, and we picked the perfect home for us. Even with us being over 1000 miles away during the construction Cheryl constantly kept us up to date on what was happening and helped us make a few changes. It was everything we wanted, and we have made it our home for over 23 years. We have Cheryl to thank for that! She has become a family friend who has helped other family members buy homes and has helped my daughter rent her townhome in Lake Mary several times. She really is remarkable and knows real estate better than most!

In 1999 my wife and I purchased a home in Woodbridge Lakes. Cheryl Waybright, the sale associate, was extremely friendly and immediately put us at ease. She was professional, knew everything about the homes, the construction, the community, and surrounding areas. She provided what Engle Homes offered over the other builders and we left feeling very comfortable. After thinking for a few days we decided Engle Homes in Woodbridge Lakes was the perfect place for us. We were so glad we put our trust in Cheryl because during the 7 months of building our home anytime we had a question, wanted to look over our color choices again or just wanted to visit Cheryl was always pleasant and there for us. With Cheryl we always knew we had made the right choice. We enjoyed the home for 22 years and when my wife passed away in 2022, I decided to sell our home. There was only one real estate agent I would trust so I called Cheryl! Of course she did a remarkable job and made the process, which was already difficult, so much easier.

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